Adam Lambert Gets Lackluster Start Despite Massive Media Coverage and Discounted Album

Adam Lambert enjoyed a week in the spotlight after his controversial "performance" at the American Music Awards, publicistiy that any pop star would kill for but did all the hype add up to record sales? It doesn't look like it.

Hits Double Daily compiled their sales numbers for last week and they show that Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" sold 195,974 copies its first week in stores.

Lambert was the runner up on American Idol last season he lands in third place among runners up when it comes to first week sales. Clay Aiken's "Measure of a Man" moved 613,000 copies while Bo Bice sold 227,000 of "The Real Thing" it's first week, an album that many considered a failure. And will all the hype and media coverage Lambert enjoyed, coupled with Amazon selling digital copies of his album for 3.99 last week, the flamboyant Idol runner-up only managed to sell slightly more copies than last year's runner-up David Archuleta who had first week sales of 183,000.

So for all the hype and controversy surrounding Adam Lambert it appears that he isn't living up to expectations. On the other hand, Susan Boyle who was also a runner-up on a televised talent contest focused on her talent and set records in the U.S. and the U.K. In five years and people look back on 2009 who will they remember? Boyle or Lambert. We'll see.

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