Free Jingle Bells on Crack

Reybee sent this over: We are pleased to present this free MP3 for your listening pleasure of "Jingle Bells on Crack" from the album Your Brain on Xmas produced by the Rondo Brothers.

Your Brain On Xmas is available via digital retailers now and features a plethora of special guests including nerdcore pioneer MC Lars, Kool Keith compatriot Motion Man, Jairo Vargas of Bayonics, 20 Minute Loop vocalist Kelly Atkins, and Jack Douglas discovery singer-songwriter Cyndi Harvell.

As a special bonus, with an album download the buyer receives a pdf HOLIDAY PARTY KIT, complete with hilarious cut-out Santa masks (Reggae Santa, Emo Santa, etc), and hors d'oeuvres and cocktail recipes. It's just our way of helping you get your brain ready for the holidays in every way. - Grab the MP3 here

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