Jay-Z Uses AutoTune?

antiMusic's Morley Seaver recently spoke with Man Child from Swollen Members and during the interview the subject of AutoTune came up and Man Child had some strong feelings on the technology and the backlash against it. He also said that the man leading the charge against AutoTune, Jay-Z, actually used it himself. Here is that part of the interview followed by a link where you check it out in full!

"I think it's almost amusing, how ridiculous it is that you know, how everybody just jumps on a bandwagon or something, where in six months from now people might not even remember that they had a problem with that thing," Man Child told Morley. "Like Auto-Tune. Really. What is such a �what is the big deal? If you listen to the songs where we have some Auto-Tune�it's not like it's like a Cher song where we sound like a robot.

"It's called AUTO TUNE, because it's TUNING his voice to be in KEY with the music. It's not like we've added robotic effects to his voice; that IS his voice. So I find it quite humorous that, you know, Jay-Z says: 'Death to Auto-Tune' when in fact, if you do your research, he has three songs on his album with Auto-Tune. And everybody's "Oh yeah, F*ck Auto-Tune" but then don't even realize when they're listening to songs that still has Auto-Tune in them. So it's quite humorous to me."

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