Axl Rose Releases Statement Denying Earlier Airport Attack Statement

The right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing in Guns N' Roses land. After Axl Rose's scuffle last week with a stalkerazzi photographer, a press rep for the band put out a statement about it. They Posted it on the band's Myspace page, but today Axl Rose denies having anything to do with the statement. At least that is what a new posting on the Guns N' Roses Myspace page says. Who know? That could be denied tomorrow.

But here is what Axl Rose reportedly had to say today: Axl Rose denies releasing press statement regarding rumored LAX incident. "I did not release any statement or authorize either any statement or anyone to release a statement regarding anything at any airport anywhere.

We had recently began working with newer individuals in management in relation to our current Asian tour in support of our Guns N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" in addition to Irving Azoff's though as it happens we are once again touring Asia without management of any kind.

Imo this non sense may be some type of manufactured or publicity stunt.

We're looking forward to performing in Osaka and Tokyo Japan doubling our pyro show and with our "new" full stage as local requirement have limited us on its use in our last performances.

Thanks to everyone who's come out to see us. It's been really fun so far and the addition of our new guitarist Dj Ashba joining us along w/ guitarists Ron Bumblefoot Thal and Richard Fortus, gives the night a kick in the pants.

Hope to see the rest of you soon!!

And to any publications running this; please feel free to tack on whatever negative agenda supporting nonsense you generally do (You know who you are!!). After all it's only someone else's livelihood you media police state, no fun, spoil sport, communist bastards.


The band's currently in Seoul, South Korea where the promote was "sorry" to inform them they would not be able to use a helicopter from the airport to the venue as North Korea would "wonder" what it is!! Read the original statement released by the GNR camp here (at least until they pull it down)

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