Aerosmith's Hamilton Talks Band's Future, Recent Past

Aerosmith Bassist Tom Hamilton Posted a long update for fans touching on the situation with Steven Tyler, detailing the last few months with the band, here is part of the update followed by a link for the rest: "I know, I know! 'What's goin' on with the band?' 'What the hell are you guys up to?' Well it all boils down to Steven wanting to go solo for a while and the other four of us wanting to continue. I'm not getting into what and what not's been in the press lately. I'd like a day off from all that if you don't FREAKIN' mind.

Some weeks ago we finished four shows that were still left on the plate for this year. As we're getting close to the end of the year I found myself replaying my mental videos of those gigs.

The first one was in San Francisco. It was basically a huge party put on by one of our most massive companies. They may be a corporate monolith but when they decide to reward their employees with a party the lid is basically off the budget. They rented an island off of San Francisco and turned it into soiree central. The place was set up like a permanent venue even though it was only going to be used for this one night. What the hell? We have a history of wretched excess. Why not play for a big corporation enjoying theirs? Considering that it was a party for their employees I guess it's kind of cool.
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