Ozzy Fires Zakk and Rolling Stones To Fire Member? the most read break-up stories of 2009

Breaking up is hard to do. But it's part of rock and roll. The two biggest break-up stories of 2009 dealt with high profile firings. One real and one rumored without much proof!

First off was the strange case of Ozzy Osbourne announcing he was letting Zakk Wylde go during an interview. Unfortunately, he failed to tell Zakk the news first: (Rock Radio) Ozzy Osbourne has told Classic Rock Magazine "Zakk Wylde came down and did a bunch of stuff - I don't know if I want to use it but I've got it there if I do. I haven't fallen out with him, but he's got his own band I felt my stuff was beginning to sound like Black Label Society. I just felt like I wanted a change.
"I'm getting a new guitar player . I tried John 5 at one time and I didn't really give him a chance. And I've got a guy from Greece coming in." more

Zakk Wylde was asked during in an interview with Oregon's rock station 101.5 KFLY about his status with Ozzy Osbourne and he gave the host an earful! Wylde told 101.5 KFLY's Standard Ass Rock Show with Carl: "The boss (Ozzy) hasn't even given me a phone call , so I mean� I'm just like� I don't know what's going on over there.... We're working on the new record, we'll be back in September, we'll work on finishing the record. And then we're supposed to do the tour. I mean, it's like, dude, you don't wanna play with me anymore? Fine. Play with whoever the hell you wanna play with. I couldn't give a rat's ass. Like I'm gonna get all jealous or whatever. But you know what?! Man up and give me a phone call and tell me what the hell's going on. You finished with me? Cool.

"I mean, it's just like� Everything's sounding like Black Label? [Referring to Ozzy's claim in a recent interview that his solo albums were beginning to sound like Black Label Society due to Wylde's involvement with both projects] "I guess everything sounded like Black Label when I first started with you, when I was 19. It was still the same guy; I don't know what you're talking about."

The Metal Den picked up this choice quote from the interview "Where I come from, the bottom line is� s*** like this that goes down, I swear to Christ we snap muthaf**kers necks and we beat the living f**k out of people. It ain't cool!" more

Then Music Radar conducted an in-depth interview with Zakk Wylde where he discusses a lot of different topics. One of the more interesting things we learn from the exchange is how Zakk found out that Ozzy had fired him. Here is that part of the interview: "Well, I found out from Neil Zlozower, 'cause he was doing a photo shoot with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. He calls up and goes, 'Hey dude, I hear you're not playing with Ozzy anymore.' I go, 'Where'd you hear this?" And he's like, 'I heard it from Gene and Paul.' So I go, 'Well, I guess I'm not playing with Ozzy!'" [laughs] more

Stones Fire Wood? The other big firing story has no real basis in confirmable fact, but is a case of "unnamed sources" telling tales that may or may not be true but are treated as true by some in the media. Interestingly a similar story based on an unnamed source floated earlier this month, using the same insurance issue. This report ran back in Feb: Nightwatcher reports: Guitarist Ronnie Wood faces being axed from the Rolling Stones because of his drinking. The 61-year-old rocker - who has been treated for alcoholism several times over the last 30 years - has been warned to curb his partying or risk being banned from a proposed autumn tour of America with bandmates Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. A [unnamed]source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "All the band have to have a compulsory pre-tour medical to make sure they can get insurance. "Ronnie failed his medical for the 2002/2003 tour because he was drinking seven times the recommended number of alcohol units a week. He had to spend months drying out at a clinic in Arizona." more

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