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(antiMusic) Propagandhi issued this announcement on Sunday night: "OK wieners, we've decided to try something different this time around. Before some dumb-ass dickweed leaks our new album all over the 'net at some obscenely-low bitrate with the song titles mixed up and our band name spelled wrong, we're gonna throw you a sweet, sweet (human) bone in the form of two wicked new songs (Supporting Caste and Human(e) Meat) from our rad new record while simultaneously trying to scrounge some spare change for a handful of organizations whose efforts in some way reflect our values. Don't be a f**kin' cheapskate either, you skinflint-tight-wad-Scrooge-McDuck motherf**ker. Just kidding. You're not a duck!"

Where will the money go? The band's publicist sent this over on Monday: Starting February 9th, two songs from Propagandhi's forthcoming album Supporting Caste will be made available for download in exchange for a donation to Sea Sheppard Conservation Society, Partners in Health or Peta2.

By visiting the following link, users can choose the amount they wish to donate as well as to which organization their money will benefit. In exchange, users will receive instantaneous digital downloads of 'Supporting Caste' and 'Human(e) Meat'. - Go here if you want to take part

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