McCartney Accuses Dalai Lama Of Cannibalism? Not Quite

(antiMusic) Here is a perfect example of the media twisting the facts to create a sensationalized story (a.k.a. yellow journalism). Paul McCartney appeared on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report on Wednesday.

Keep in mind this is a comedy show. Here is the exchange that took place between host Stephen Colbert and Macca. "I have a beef to pick with you, sir, in that you don't eat meat," Colbert said to vegetarian McCartney. "Don't you think if the animals had the opportunity, they would eat us?"

Paul then reported responded, "In an emergency, perhaps the Dalai Lama would eat me." That was obviously a joke but it some how turned into this in an NME report "Sir Paul McCartney accused the Dalai Lama of cannibalism in a US television interview last night." It's getting almost as bad as MSNBC's so-called reporting! - Full NME report

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