Merykid Compares Himself to Radiohead and Jason Mraz

(PR) Confident and curious, indie pop artist Nick Mery, AKA Merykid, says he's most often compared to Radiohead and Jason Mraz. With a unique sound that is blended between pop, folk, and experimental music—the creation easily appeals towards a mass audience.

Now, with his sophomore EP "Boy & The Bird" just released on June 30, 2009, Merykid shares, "The album was written at a time when I had a lot more questions than I did answers." Through music exploration at its finest, Merykid has come to find a tremendous follow up to his first solo album.

Merykid is no musical newcomer. Over the years he has performed with: Blue October, Augustana, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Roger Croeger, Katharine McPhee, Sugarcult, and Sister Hazel. Self-taught in all instruments Merykid sang, played guitar, banjo, bass guitar, harmonica, and synthesizer on the already highly praised "Boy & The Bird." Although, his talent isn't just in instrumentation, he also writes all his own music.

Merykid's solo discography includes "The Corduroy Crown" EP (available now for free download online) and now his follow up "Boy & The Bird" EP produced, mixed and engineered by Jaime Radar.

In contrast to the first EP that was written entirely acoustically and recorded by himself in a closet, "Boy & The Bird" was recorded in a haunted church, with a live drummer and string section, and the sound was greatly intensified.

In addition to "Boy & The Bird" - Merykid just finished and released his live album, entitled "Merykid: Live at The Magic Attic," which is available online. The live album was recorded in his rehearsal space "The Magic Attic," an attic located on top of a bar on one of San Antonio's oldest and most popular streets.

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