Alice Cooper Has Horror Collection Scare

(PR) Alice Cooper, en route to a series of tour dates in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and Cyprus (the guy really gets around!), had a close call after landing at London's Heathrow Airport earlier this week. He had stopped over to lend his support to the Samuel L. Jackson Foundation on behalf of numerous charities including AIDS institutes, orphanages, the Breast Cancer Campaign, Red Cross, Save The Children in a fund raising golf tournament held at the London Golf Club. Alice was, of course, a team captain.

When Alice arrived at his London hotel from the airport, he realized that his carry-on bag containing a laptop and a significant stash of obscure horror films on DVD was missing. He had brought them over on the theory that, outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, English language TV programming and movie theater options would be limited. He dispatched a crew member back to the airport but the British Airport Authority said they had no report of the missing bag having been turned in.

Alice put out a call for the return of the computer and the DVDs -- the films were more important to him as he pretty much uses the computer just as a playback deck. The story ended happily a day later when the British Airways press office caught wind of the lost bag from a notice the UK Press Association. An all-points bulletin was issued for Terminal 5 where Alice's flight from Phoenix had landed and the bag was discovered in a holding area; as it had no ID tags on it, staffers had no idea what to do with it. It matched the description in the press release and Alice was re-united successfully with the bag and his precious horror flicks.

By the way, while Alice is on the road in Russia and elsewhere he's still anchoring his syndicated Nights With Alice Cooper radio show, 30 hours per week of original classic rock programming, produced and distributed by the United Stations Radio Network and heard over a network of 110 affiliates, reaching 1.1 million listeners per week. He records it along the touring route so it's always fresh (and freaky). Guide to stations that broadcast (and webcast) it: www.nightswithalicecooper.com

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