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(PR) In 2007, American blues artist Seasick Steve (born Steve Wold) won the Mojo Magazine Award for Best Breakthrough Act. His drunken acceptance speech was simply: "I've been breaking through for 45 years!" Nothing could be more true for Steve, who left home at 14, had a succession of incredibly disparate jobs, from fruit picker to record producer, and has spent the past five years becoming, against all odds, one of the most popular and respected entertainers in the UK. Bronzerat Records is ready to bring Steve back to his home turf, releasing his debut solo album in the US for the first time ever. 'Dog House Music' is due out August 4th.

'Dog House Music' is loose, shambolic collection of blues licks and the stories of a lifetime on the run. On a collection of custom-made instruments ranging from a duct-taped 3-string guitar to a one-stringed Diddley Bow (basically a 2 x 4 with a guitar string nailed to it), Steve tells of everything from losing his dog to losing his home in his whisky-soaked rasp that sounds straight from another century.

Born in Oakland, CA, Steve Wold left home at 14 to a lengthy free-roaming lifestyle. He has had many careers ranging from fruit-picker to ambulance driver to carnie to record producer before he eventually 'settled' in Tennessee (via San Francisco, UK, Hawaii, Tennessee, Washington State and god knows where else - he married his Norwegian wife 25 years ago and they've lived in 56 different houses).

Since the release of his first record in 2004, with Norwegian band the Level Devils, Steve has become one of Europe and Australia's most popular acts. 'Dog House Music' sold over 200,000 copies in the UK alone upon its original release in 2006, hitting number 1 in the Independent Charts three times in 18 months. His charismatic, barn-storming performances are legend and he regularly sells out gigantic venues like the Royal Albert Hall. He has appeared on everything from Jools Holland's Hootenanny to daytime TV talk shows in the UK. Steve is also the subject of a recent BBC documentary, 'Bringing It All Back Home', in which he revisited his old haunts in Tennessee and Mississippi. He was nominated in 2008 for Best Live Act by Mojo Magazine, and is again nominated this year. He was also nominated this year for a Brit Award for Best International Male, alongside Kanye West, Jay-Z, Neil Diamond and Beck.

July 28th: NYC, Mercury Lounge
July 31st: All Points West Festival, New Jersey
August 8th: Brooklyn, Southpaw

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