Mother Owes $1.92 Million For Downloading Songs

(MusicRadar) Songs that would cost most people just 99 cents each could soak a Minnestota mother of four out of $1.92 million. Yes, you read correctly. In the second file-sharing copyright-infringement trial against Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a Minnesota jury ruled that she owes $1.92 million to the four major labels after illegally downloading and sharing 24 songs.

The whopping amount comes out to a cost of $80,000 per track illegally shared, and the RIAA hopes this will finally put an end to illegal downloading. more

[in related news: Let the backlash begin. Billboard has an interesting article on how this might hurt the music business. "But a question arose after the verdict about whether the sheer size of the damages could lead to a backlash against an industry that is already portrayed in some quarters as overreaching. Sony BMG attorney Wade Leak, who testified at the trial, said he was 'shocked' by the damages award." - Read the Billboard report

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