Born Again: Ian Gillan and Tony Iommi Collaborate On New Song

(antiMusic) After Ronnie James Dio left Black Sabbath to form his solo band, his Sabbath bandmates recruited legendary Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan to front the group. That incarnation of Black Sabbath only produced one album, 1983's criminally underrated "Born Again".

The relationship between Gillan and Iommi was said to be strained with Gillan reportedly saying that he felt like "hired help" in the band. After the 1984 Born Again tour, Gillan left Sabbath to reunite with Deep Purple.

Fast forward twenty five years and Gillan recently told a Swedish magazine that he and Iommi finished writing a song together right before they both headed to Armenia to be honored by their prime minister. Gillan says they are thinking of putting together a charity band with a few other musicians.

BW&BK has a report on the honor, plus they translated the part of the interview dealing with this collaboration, - check it out here

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