Rob Zombie Mix Massacre

The Public Record announces Rob Zombie as its next featured artist to launch a collaborative remix project entitled The Mix Massacre. Beginning April 27, 2010, Rob Zombie is enlisting the talent of musicians and remixers across the TPR global music community to remix his songs, "Mars Needs Women" and "Sick Bubblegum," for a special worldwide release.

TPR is a new, interactive, music collaboration site that began as the personal pursuit of music industry pioneer, Scott Humphrey. Renowned for his work as an award-winning and record-breaking studio mixer and producer, Humphrey founded TPR as a solution to match the dynamic shifts of the web with the evolution of digital recording.

"We take the biggest names in the music industry and allow undiscovered musicians and producers around the world to collaborate with them," Humphrey says. "What started as an experiment has led to a full-time operation in which we're continually adding the best acts from every genre with new programs and features." - Preview Rob Zombie's Mix Massacre video here

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