Geezer Wants One Big Final Black Sabbath Tour

(The Metal Den) Geezer Butler wants to get back together with the original lineup Black Sabbath, consisting of him, vocalist John "Ozzy" Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward, for at least one more tour.

"It'd be just nice to do one final, big Sabbath tour because we didn't really play that many places when we got together for the last reunion (in 2005)," Butler said in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press.

"We've never played Japan as the original band and we haven't played Australia since the '70s. There's a lot of places in eastern Europe that didn't even exist when we were going the first time around, so there's loads of places we'd like to play as the original band. So hopefully we'll do it."

"It'd be nice to do the tour while we're still alive." - more on this story

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