Clapton Hates His Own Singing

(Gibson) Give Eric Clapton a guitar, and old slowhand has no fear. But it's another thing entirely when the rock legend has to sing.

"I hate my singing. I don't like the way I sing," Clapton recently told Mojo. "It all sounds like I'm 16 years old from Surbiton. I do my best to try and feel it. You know, when I watch Ray Charles sing, I think, 'That's it, that's how it's done.' He remembers thousands of songs and he sings them all as if they're the most important song he knows. He does it from the bottom of his heart, every time, every song. And that's, that's the inspiration. That's my influence.

"But I'm imbued with so much self-doubt about my singing, that it's very difficult for me to get to that freedom that those kinds of singers have." - more on this story

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