Jimi Hendrix Felt Stifled And Frustrated Towards The End Of His Life

(Rock AAA) Jimi Hendrix died a frustrated man after being forced to perform music he no longer wanted to play, says a one-time friend of the guitar icon.

And moviemaker Jon Brewer believes we'll hear more of Hendrix's unreleased work in the future because people who had tied themselves up in legal wrangles would now rather the music was heard before they die.

Brewer has a history in making movies and music videos, before which he managed bands including David Bowie, Yes, Alvin Lee and others. He met Hendrix when the guitarist first arrived in London, and was at many of his earliest shows. Brewer tells RockAAA: "Jimi felt stifled and frustrated towards the end of his life. He was experimenting with a lot of musicians and a lot of ideas. He was interested in fusion jazz, big sounds and orchestras and the like. - more on this story

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