Lost Pics of Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Other Legends Go Online

(Gibson) A remarkable collection of vintage rock 'n' roll photographs has been rediscovered in the personal archives of the late, renowned photographer Chuck Boyd (1942-1991). Boyd began his career in the early '60s, working in Los Angeles for fan magazines such as Tiger Beat, and quickly befriended enough artists, managers and publicists to gain some remarkable access to the top acts of the '60s and '70s. Among the newly rediscovered works are shots of The Beatles at their 1965 press conference at Dodger Stadium, one of Bob Dylan's earliest Los Angeles press conferences, and shots from Led Zeppelin's historic 1970 stand at the L.A. Forum.

Boyd's work is distinguished by the proximity to the action that he was granted by trusting subjects. For instance, his shots of The Who in concert are taken over Keith Moon's shoulder. "Among the many accolades frequently offered about Chuck was that he was respected by his peers as one of the best low-light photographers of the day," says Jeff Schwartz, who has curated Boyd's work. "One reason he had access to musicians onstage, backstage and in the dressing room was that he was unobtrusive and wasn't obviously in their environment, making them feel like they were in the spotlight, or poking around, cramping their style. Chuck was with the band. They didn't mind having him around. He was a nice guy. You can see in the photos people are smiling, not a 'Get out of my face' look. You see it in the studio and in the green room. Jimi Hendrix is smiling in Chuck's studio shots."

Other subjects in the rediscovered archives include The Rolling Stones, Jerry Garcia, Elton John, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Jim Morrison, Carlos Santana and Frank Zappa. Photos are on display through December at the Culver Centrale gallery in L.A. To see more, visit http://www.chuckboydgalleries.com. more on this story

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