Bill Ward Addresses Black Sabbath Reunion Rumors

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has gone on the record about the rumors that the members of Black Sabbath may be plotting a reunion with Ozzy Osbourne following the death of Ronnie James Dio.

When Sonic Express asked Ward about the rumors of a Sabbath reunion, he responded, "The only thing I know, and I have talked with Tony.... well, the only person I haven't spoken with is Geezer, but that is because he prefers e-mail to the telephone, and Ozzy (Osbourne) called me yesterday. I think the statements have been made into a little bit of a cake. I saw the statements only last night online, when I got home from the studio. Where Ozzy's at, with wanting to tour with Black Sabbath is that Ozzy has been in his place for a long time and says, 'I'm never going to say never'. I have the same attitude. My quotes would be, 'I never want to say never, I'm in the same place'. Tony has a completely open mind to the possibility of touring with Sabbath again.

"I think what's happening is that some people have hooked into that and written a story out of it. I think realistically, right now, I can't see where it would be a possibility, with Ozzy on tour for the next 18 months and having a new record out that's great. I've got a new record, and I know that Tony has other things he wants to do musically, and Geezer also. We might all agree to it, but when it would happen, I just don't know. Other than those few comments, I just don't know about a Sabbath tour anywhere near in the future. Tony has already stated that he doesn't want to talk about it until he finishes that concert for Ronnie in London. It would be great, but I don't know where any of it sits right now. It's like the press has gotten it and is kindling the fire before anything has been said. I talk to Ozzy all the time, and he hasn't mentioned sh*t to me about Sabbath." - Read the full interview here

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