Guster Announce New Album and Free Song Download

Guster will release their first studio album in four years on October 5, when 'Easy Wonderful,' hits stores via Aware/Universal Republic. Here is what the label has to say about the release (and also how you can get a free song download!):

Recorded in New York and Nashville, 'Easy Wonderful' features twelve new original songs by the group - Ryan Miller (guitar/vocals), Adam Gardner (guitar/vocals), Brian Rosenworcel (percussion), and multi-instrumentalist Joe Pisapia. Their most sophisticated and rewarding work to date, 'Easy Wonderful' is an arresting pop gem, one that's subtle but insistent, layered and complex yet immediately and undeniably catchy.

Check out a free download of the infectious anthem "Bad Bad World" on Guster's website here. 'Easy Wonderful' exudes a kind of effortless appeal that belies the intensive and exacting labor behind it. Work commenced on the album in 2008, the same year three of the band's members became first-time fathers. After recording sessions in New York hit a wall, the band relocated to Pisapia's brand new Middletree Studios in Nashville. "Physically and emotionally Joe's studio was so different," remembers Gardner. "We'd been in this basement studio in New York City, cramped in this space with no windows that we jokingly called 'The Dungeon.' Joe's place is totally the opposite--, this stunning open-concept studio that has a great vibe...There was an immense feeling of freedom the moment we left New York and started recording in Nashville."

That sense of freedom resulted in an album which stands alone in Guster's catalog as quite simply their finest--no easy feat considering that catalog has already sold over a million records worldwide.

Guster are planning a full U.S. tour this fall that will include a return to the Beacon Theater in New York, which the band sold out in 2009. Full dates will be revealed soon.


1. Architects and Engineers
2. Do You Love Me?
3. On The Ocean
4. This Could All Be Yours
5. Stay With Me Jesus
6. Bad Bad World
7. This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart
8. What You Call Love
9. That's No Way To Get To Heaven
10. Jesus & Mary
11. Hercules
12. Do What You Want

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