Black Sabbath's Earliest Recordings Posted Online

The Metal Den unearths what they report are the earliest known recordings from legendary English heavy metal act Black Sabbath, which includes two 1969 demo tracks "The Rebel" and "When I Came Down,
along with a live cut called "Early One Morning Blues".

The two demo tracks could have been credited to Earth since Sabbath's final gig as Earth was performed the day after recording "The Rebel", but these recordings are generally understood to indeed be the first ever by the legendary group.

Sabbath historian Rob Dwyer explains the history of the music: "'The Rebel' is without a doubt one of the most sought-after BLACK SABBATH songs ever recorded. Although a small fragment of this very un-SABBATH like song can be heard on 'The Black Sabbath Story Volume 1′ video, most fans have never heard this still-unreleased 1969 demo." - Read more and LISTEN here

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