Label Didn't Want Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street

(Rock Radio) The Rolling Stones' record label didn't want to release Exile on Main Street when the band recorded the album in 1972, guitarist Keith Richards has revealed. Re-released in deluxe format, it's now regarded as a high point in their career. But the Stones had to battle to preserve its double-disc format when they presented it to label bosses 38 years ago.

Richards tells The Independent: "We had to fight the record company about that. We insisted it was double. It was very different: there were no hit singles. It was an album by itself."

Although early parts of the masterpiece were recorded in the UK, the majority of the work was done in the cellar of Nellcote, a French villa Richards had hired a lucky accident which came about as a result of the Stones being hounded out of their home country. - Keef explains here

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