Ronnie James Dio's Final Recording Online?- Avenged Sevenfold Almost Quit- Glee Vs Rolling Stones- New Guns N' Roses Release- Colosseum Singer Dies- more

The Metal Den posted what they report is one of the last known studio recordings by Ronnie James Dio. The new unreleased Dio track "Elektra", was slated to appear on "Magica II and III". The track was reportedly recorded before his stomach cancer had been diagnosed. Check it out here

Ozzy Osbourne told QMI Agency that Ronnie James Dio's ultimately fatal battle with stomach cancer hit close to home. "As soon as I heard I heard he had been diagnosed with cancer, I sent him some encouragement," Osbourne said. "Having been through that situation myself with (my wife) Sharon when we were doing (the reality TV show) 'The Osbournes', it's always somebody over there. When it lands at your doorstep you're like, 'What do you do? How do you get round this?' When Sharon got (colon) cancer, I'd never known anyone who survived. I thought it was bulls*** when they told you, 'They can survive.' I just thought they were trying to smooth me over. And she got over it." more

Avenged Sevenfold were left so devastated by the death of drummer Jimmy Sullivan in December, they were sure the band would split in the days after the tragedy. Guitarist Synyster Gates tells British magazine Kerrang, "We were all ready to quit for the first week after (the death). There was no way we could imagine being in a band anymore. But, quickly, that went away because your logic comes back to you. You start to realize that, had it been you, you would have shuddered at the thought of the rest of the guys not continuing." more

Industry gurus seem to think the "Glee: Showstoppers" soundtrack will debut at No. 1, selling perhaps 80,000 to 100,000 copies by week's end on May 23, according to Billboard but there's a chance that the Rolling Stones' reissue of its 1972 album "Exile on Main Street," could give the Gleeks a run for its money for the No 1 spot more. Meanwhile across the pond, the Rolling Stones' reissue of their classic 1972 album Exile On Main St is set to hit number one on the British charts more

The latest Guns N' Roses project is not an album, a video or a book: It's all three. The band has completed a multimedia edition of the biography Reckless Road, in which author Marc Canter tells of the making of Guns N' Roses' multimillion-selling debut Appetite for Destruction. It goes on sale today more

Colosseum frontman Juhani Palom�ki was found dead this past Saturday. The band tell fans: "Juhani Palom�ki's musical career, including the composition of eight full-length albums for Yearning and Colosseum, has ended as he was found deceased on Saturday May 15th 2010. His final composition, Colosseum's recently recorded third album, Chapter 3: Parasomnia, shall be released as planned, in order to honour Juhani's memory. This also marks the end of Colosseum as a band" more

The Damned Things have signed to Island Records. The band is a new project featuring Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley, Every Time I Die vocalist Keith Buckley and Anthrax guitarists Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano. more

Metallica wrapped up their current run of European dates in Portugal's capital Lisbon last night (May 19) by letting the crowd decide between a drum solo or a cover tune. Lars and the rest of the band gave the fans what they asked for, a cover of Diamond Head's 'Helpless'. more

The White Stripes are auctioning off a custom-made, red and white marimba to raise funds for people who have been affected by recent flooding in the Nashville area. more

Meanwhile, Jack White's wife Karen Elson has canceled her upcoming European tour. Her spokesperson has announced she has axed all of the shows, citing "events beyond our control". more

Courtney Love spoke to MTV's Buzzworthy Blog this week and has a few new revelations. Love claims that she tried to get Linda Perry to let her [ironically] record the song "Beautiful" before it went to Christina Aguilera. more

Rob Zombie's latest album won't be his last released in CD format. "This has been the longstanding rumour that I've answered about ninety thousand times now," he explains. "What I said was, I was afraid the industry was going digital so fast that they wouldn't even be making CDs by my next record. But if people are pressing CDs, so shall I." more

Forbidden, Evile, Gama Bomb, and Bonded By Blood will tour the U.S. together in November and December, first supporting Overkill, then on their own. more

Music 4 Cancer, a Canadian non-profit, has announced a new compilation set to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society. The charity is still rounding up musicians, but has confirmed the following bands thus far: Ten Foot Pole, Good Riddance, NOFX, Nikola Sarcevic of Millencolin and more

Rose Funeral bass player Dale Hammond left the group last month for undisclosed reasons. more

Paul McCartney is to take part in his first ever webchat with fans today more

Travis Barker has posted a brief update as work continues on a new album from The Transplants. The band is a collaboration between the prolific Blink 182 drummer, Tim Armstrong of Rancid and rapper "Skinhead Rob" Aston more

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Bret Michaels said that while in his hospital bed, he kept his bandanna on because he thought, "if I'm going out, I want to go out rockin'." more

Graves Of Valor will be performing alongside Eyehategod, Goatwhore, Vital Remains, and others throughout the spring. The quintet will also be headlining dates in their native South Carolina as well as appearing at this year's Central Illinois Metalfest. dates -

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