Tom Morello, Pete Yorn and Jay Weinberg Guest on Springsteen Radio Special Tomorrow

Tune into E-Street Radio on SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio tomorrow at 4:00pm (Eastern Time) for The Ties That Bind The Next Generation, an new installment of the Bruce Springsteen Community Conference.

On this show, co-moderators Ben Lazar and John Franck are joined by Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Street Sweeper Social Club, The Nightwatchman), Pete Yorn and Jay Weinberg.

The round-table discussion explores the influence of Springsteen's music and message on a new generation of musicians. Each artist describes, in-depth, their discovery of Bruce's music and how it has impacted their lives and art, as well as sharing often hilarious anecdotes about meeting and playing with Springsteen that will have listeners have a deeper understanding of how Springsteen works and why he is so beloved by both musicians and fans.

Premiere Episode:
Wednesday October 13 at 4:00pm (Eastern Time)

Re-Broadcasts: T
hursday October 14 at 12am & 8am (ET)
Wednesday October 20 at 4pm (ET)
Thursday October 21 at 12am & 8am (ET)

E-Street Radio on SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio (Channel 10)

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