Robert Plant Slams Black Sabbath

(Rock Radio) Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant has compared Black Sabbath to 60s pop star Bobby Goldsboro in a light-hearted ribbing.

Zep and Sabbath used to rehearse in the same studios, with Sabs drummer Bill Ward having said Plant and co used to "come in and interrupt us" and rumours abounding that tapes exist of the bands jamming together in the late 1960s.

But speaking on Canadian radio Plant suggests that Sabbath are no more relevant than the man who sang the tearjerking hit Honey � and Led Zep drummer John Bonham always told Tony Iommi's outfit they were no good. Asked about Black Sabbath he replies: "Who? They'll go a long way and they'll influence a lot of people in Seattle. Lovely, great, yeah. And what would you do without Bobby Goldsboro as well? - more on this story

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