Clapton Schooled Derek Trucks

(Gibson) Derek Trucks says his 2007 tour with Eric Clapton, during which he served as second guitarist with the legendary six-stringer, brought a more understated component to his playing.

In a just-published interview with M � Music & Musicians, Trucks said: "Digging into [Clapton's] catalog � especially the Derek and the Dominos era � I came to love the way he would craft a song. He also always seems to have a bit of firepower in his back pocket. He doesn't show his hand every night. There's a reserved aspect to his playing that I think a lot of younger musicians overlook. It's the same thing that makes B.B. King so great. It's like a baseball pitcher who has a 98-mile-per-hour fastball that he breaks out only when he needs it."

Trucks, who is currently at work on a collaborative album with his wife, Susan Tedeschi, also talked about why the SG has always been his go-to guitar.

"A lot of it is about comfort," he said. "The SG was the first guitar I felt great about, and it's become second nature to me. Once you get comfortable with a guitar, and you know where the sweet spots are, it almost disappears from your mind and becomes part of you." -

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