Remy Zero Free Download and Reunion Memorial Shows

Remy Zero have released their new single "Til The End" as a free download ahead of their short run of reunion shows.

he band is set to reunite for four select memorial dates in October, playing Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, in honor of the band's drummer Gregory Slay, who passed away on New Year's Day of complications from Cystic Fibrosis. On May 22, 2010 Remy Zero played their first show together in eight years as a tribute to Gregory in New Orleans, the town where he was born. After a moving and cathartic experience and an outpouring from fans, the band decided to reunite for several more one-off shows to further share the spirit of Gregory Slay and his love of performing. To coincide with the upcoming dates, the band has also disclosed that they will be offering at least one new or unreleased song with further details to be announced. Proceeds from the shows and recordings will go to benefit the Honeymoon Trust set up for Gregory's wife, Tiana Krahn-Slay and their daughter, Honeymoon Slay.

The four West Coast shows will mirror the spirit of the New Orleans memorial bringing together fellow musicians and friends to play alongside Remy Zero in each city. Jeffrey Cain notes, "The act of performing was very important to Gregory. It is the way we will always communicate with each other. Anytime we play those songs, he's in the room." In order to recapture the feeling of joy and healing that came out of the first memorial and celebrate the life and music of Gregory Slay, the band chose Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles for the expanded memorial dates because of the family, friends and fans Gregory had in those cities. These were also the last cities that Gregory toured when he played drums with O+S in 2009. In addition to the music, the upcoming dates will also feature an edited version of a film by Nina Parikh, shown at the original memorial. Nina, a lifelong friend of Remy Zero, had been documenting the band on film throughout their career. - Grab the download here

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