Robert Plant's Only North American Commercial Radio Interview Streaming Online

Explore Music has a new audio interview with Robert Plant. In fact it is billed as the only interview with commercial radio in North America that Plant agreed to do. Here is part of their intro, followed by a link where you can check it out: "Nothing is daunting for me but forever challenging," says Robert Plant. "I have to be able to just get out there into the great drift of music and possibility, and hang onto great themes and ideas".

Jeff Woods prefaces his interview with this: getting Robert Plant to speak to radio stations, was not an easy task, despite it not being the first time I sat down across from him to talk music. You see, he's not a fan of commercial radio any longer. Getting asked for the millionth time about his old band getting back together no doubt part of the problem. In fact Robert didn't want to speak to commercial radio stations, PERIOD, and so none were granted interviews this time around.

Taking no for an answer is not something Legends likes to do, so with the efforts of Universal Music Canada, we pushed until in the 11th hour, we got the green light, the ONLY such approval for commercial radio in North America, apparently. - check it out here

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