Creeper Deliver 9-Minute Long 'Further Than Forever' Video

Creeper Deliver 9-Minute Long 'Further Than Forever' Video

(Atom Splitter) The towering ambition of Creeper's larger-than-life and darker-than-death new album Sanguivore has been heralded with the best reviews of their career to date. Now, they showcase their black-hearted rock opera by sharing the epic and cinematic 9-minute video for its opening track "Further Than Forever."

"Further Than Forever" is the most grandiose and escapist moment of the record, a rush of Jim Steinman-esque theatrics, rollicking rock riffs, prog excess, lashings of OTT dark humour ("I'm Jesus in a strip club giving head"), a touch of their goth punk roots, and a high drama spoken word section for good measure. It introduces the story's two main characters: the deceptively sweet but devilishly sinister vampire Mercy, an "armageddon girl could end your world with one look" and her relationship with Spook, who is dangerously beguiled by her spell.

The video brings their story to life, starting with the moment Spook first laid eyes on Mercy and flash-forwarding to snapshots of their horrifyingly cursed future together - complete with vocalist William von Ghould whipping up the drama like a macabre master of ceremonies. As the video unfolds, it feels like a blend of arty folk horror and Hammer Films flamboyance, as well as the ultimate visual representation of who CREEPER are at this moment in time.

William says, "The music video for 'Further Than Forever' is an ambitious 9-minute epic made by Billy H Price and Jacek Zmarz. The film dives back into the world of Sanguivore, introduces the character of Spook, and tells the story of his relationship across oceans of time with Mercy."

The video stars Paulina Kehlet as Mercy and Jamie She as Spook. It was produced by CREEPER, and directed by Billy Howard Price (Puppy) and Jacek Zmarz - the same team behind the recent "Teenage Sacrifice" video.

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