Lonely The Brave Share New Single 'Long Way'

Lonely The Brave Share New Single 'Long Way'

(PPR) Lonely The Brave today continue to share new music from their highly-anticipated new album What We Do To Feel. New single 'Long Way' follows 'Victim', 'The Bear', and the album's surging lead single 'The Lens', which won early support from Kerrang! Radio and multiple BBC Radio 1 shows. The stage is set for next month's album release. What We Do To Feel promises to give power to the everyday, often unremarked upon moments in our lives.

True to the album's messages of hope, togetherness and unity, 'Long Way's bright and optimistic energy makes for the perfect LP opener. Guitarist Ross Smithwick says: "Musically it was a track that came together with a feeling that it offered a really positive vibe, it's maintained a riff but certainly moves away from the dark." Vocalist Jack Bennett adds: "Lyrically, it's a bit of an exploration of the commitment of relationships and the desire to keep going no matter what."

What We Do To Feel is an album of hope, hardship, hurdles and gratitude, and looks to give genuine purpose to normality. It reiterates that the things we care about and the things we put our time into make us who we are, and so when the album process became the first time the band had been so separate from each other, the ethos was to wrench as much joy from those moments as possible. It also allowed the band the chance to step away and view their work with a wider lens, active in its creation but following rather than forcing it to become something it didn't want to.

Guitarist Mark Trotter comments: "You can plan it out as much as you want, but you're just along for the ride. That's the most exciting part, seeing what it decided to be. With this album, we're certainly more mature as people and as a band. That makes sense with everything that has happened since our last one."

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