Jam with Black Sabbath

Sabbath Double Sabbath has been unleashed by Lick Library with their release of Jam with Black Sabbath.

This double DVD and CD set features the nimble fingers of Danny Gill taking you through all the fine points of playing the guitar with that deep, heavy sound synonymous with Tony Iommi.

One of the first and most influential heavy metal bands, Black Sabbath helped define the genre with albums like the quadruple platinum Paranoid. MTV ranked them as the 'Greatest Metal Band' of all time and Tony Iommi is widely recognised as one of the most important and influential guitarists in the heavy metal world. Along with legend Jimmy Page he is credited with pioneering the mammoth riffs of heavy metal. His revolutionary signature sound was born of necessity, when an accident caused him to lose the tips of his fingers, thus bringing about the need to detune his guitars, use lighter strings and thimbles in order to reduce the stress on his fingers.

Danny Gill, guitar player, tutor, and song writer takes you through these weighty songs at a pace suitable for all. He strips each song down to its component parts and slowly takes you through them piece by piece as he shows you how to play them. And all the time you can see exactly what each hand is doing with the famous Lick Library split screen.

Jam with Black Sabbath (RRP �26.99) � is a must for metal enthusiasts, taking you step by step through the legendary riffs of seven Black Sabbath tracks that helped define the seventies. Danny takes you through three tracks from the Paranoid album, Iron Man used recently in the film of the same title. Also from the same album come one of the bands most enduring compositions War Pigs, and the bluesy Fairies Wear Boots. From Masters of Reality, Danny walks you through The Void and Children Of The Grave, in which Tony Iommi rarely ventures above middle C sharp, spending almost the whole song below that note with the exception of the solo. Other tracks include N.I.B. named after the then drummer's beard, and Snowblind, the Black Sabbath classic that demonstrates so well the heavy sound that they became so well known for.

LickLibrary also offer Learn to Play Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath Jamtrax or Learn To Play Black Sabbath, Perfect Partners Set for guitarists looking to develop further Tony Iommi licks and guitar parts. To find out more about these and other products visit www.licklibrary.com

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