The Town That Rejected The Beatles

We received this info about a book that should be of interest to Beatles fans: Back in 63 to liven up a town in Sussex, England a 19 year old promoter booked the Rolling Stones for $80 for a dance. It was a sell out. He then phoned Brian Epstein in Liverpool who offered him the Beatles for $390 !

The Beatles never appeared because the town of Horsham said no! No Beatles in our back yard. Nobody would hire him a hall.

That amazing unique story is the basis of a fact to fiction novel now published in America: 'Tear My Heart' takes that incident and tells it as it was: great new 60s songs, blackmail, romance, intrigue, abuse all wrapped up in 60s memorabilia.

A chance remark from his mother prompted 20 year old Nick Blakey to step into the exciting world of pop music in 1960s Britain. From his modest start booking a church hall, Tear My Heart tracks his climb to fame and fortune putting singers and groups at the top of the Billboard chart. The rise to success is not a straight course for Nick, with disappointments, blackmail, and massive publicity stunts along the way to monster hits and love between the years of 1964 and 1966. The story picks up 40 years later, as the former pop mogul works with a ghostwriter on his autobiography, which includes his scathing thoughts on the music scene today. About the Author: Cary Vincent based this story on his own experiences. He really did book the Rolling Stones to play a church hall for ?50. And Brian Epstein really did offer him the Beatles for ?250, but no one would hire him a venue. His story has been repeated by local papers over the years, but in Tear My Heart he has found a way to tell the story himself, by mixing it with fiction.

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