Singled Out: Meital Dohan's Yummy Boyz

Today Showtime's Weeds and Woke Up Dead star Meital Dohan tells us about her hit single "Yummy Boyz," from her debut album "I'm In Hate With Love." Here is the story:

The story of Yummy Boyz has many layers. I like to look at all things in life as having different layers. We enjoy the superficial and also enjoy making fun of it a little, but if you look closer, there is a deeper meaning in everything and the same is true for my music. It's fair to say that for years and years men had been treating all the yummy women of the world like sex objects and this song is a way of turning the table, allowing men to be the sex objects of our desire on display in full array. The yummy boyz in this song are objectified for a change; it's a role reversal in full throttle.

To give you the full origin story of Yummy Boyz we have to re-visit the night the idea first spawned in my imagination. This night started out like any other night. My pet tiger was massaging me while I contemplated world peace and ways to end animal cruelty and terrorism and how tiring it can be to be a guru. I usually think about world peace while taking a long, relaxing bubble bath. I happened to be thinking absolutely nothing at all, until the bubble bath fell into my mouth.

I hadn't meant to swallow the bubble bath, but there it was in my mouth.
Bubbling. I didn't fight it. In fact, it didn't just taste good, it taste really yummy. I though to myself immediately, "my this is really yummy, this is really tasty!" and that was the inspiration for my song.
Of course it didn't end there. That was just the beginning in fact.

Then I started to think about all the yummy things in life. All the yummiest of yummy boyz. Of course Obama and Osama Bin Laden immediately came to mind.

The lyric "I thought I was your baby/ What am I supposed to do?" is really talking about love in a post-modern, capitalist world. Love is hurried - here today and gone tomorrow.
But in it's absence there's plenty of yummy boyz to distract you. "When am I supposed to do/I'm checking out the boys" was my inner turmoil coming to the surface and how I found solace in checking out all the boys.

In the chorus when I say "Tasty and yummy so so so hot/Enjoy them while you can," I am talking about that moment when you feel the most free inside. It's when you lose abandon and you stop thinking about numbers and logic and your laundry list for the day. Instead you are overcome with a sensation of total bliss and happiness with the acknowledgement that all the yummy boyz in the world are here to serve you.

Working on Yummy Boyz was a spiritual journey for me. It made me really really empowered, and I hope the song empowers millions everywhere like me, when they listen to the song and start dancing.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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