Steve Lukather Talked His Way Onto Eric Clapton's Album

Steve Lukather recently spoke with Classic Rock Revisited about his new solo album, Transition. But he also told them the story of how he ended up playing on Eric Clapton's "Behind the Sun" and revealed that he is working with Lonn Friend on a new book.

Lukather told them, "There is a funny story about that. I talked my way onto that album. I knew the producer on that one and I really wanted to meet Eric because I was a lifelong fan. I was so f**king nervous when I met Eric�I have never been that nervous meeting any star in the world. I played for free on that album because I just wanted to meet him.

"We played 'Forever Man' and I froze up and I didn't know what to play and that never happens to me. I would play a little bit, but I didn't want to play too much.

"Anyway, when I showed up, Eric grabs me and starts feeling my fingers and he says, 'You don't' have any calluses.' I said, 'Eric, I just got out of the shower and ran over here.' He told me some really nice sh*t like how much he dug the solo in 'Rosanna.' I was like, 'Really? You liked that?' He was so nice to me. I played with him one other time, on stage at the Hollywood Bowl with Elton. I have a picture of that in my office.

"Being around people like that and watching the process of what these geniuses do�I mean all of these people that I've been in the room with.

"I'm writing my book. It's called The Book of Luke and it has all of these biblical references in it. I am writing it with my buddy Lon Friend who was the editor of Rip Magazine. Lon and I have known each other since I was fourteen. I didn't want to write stuff like, 'When I was seven I got my first guitar' because everyone would already be nodding out. It is almost written in the Slaughterhouse-Five style. It is humorous. I am not writing about the sex and drugs and stuff. I have a lot of great stories about working with all of these great people. It's all positive. I'm not throwing anybody under the bus. Why do that? I read a lot of biographies and I've found out what to do and what not to do." Read the full interview here.

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