Art Alexakis Explains Summerland Fall Out With Mark McGrath (A Top Story)

On Monday Art Alexakis Explains Summerland Fall Out With Mark McGrath was a top story. Here is the recap: Everclear frontman Art Alexakis explains in a new interview what caused the falling out between him and Mark McGrath who he had teamed up with last year to launch a summer tour and this year both stars are launching competing tours.

Alexakis was asked, "The 2012 Summerland Tour was a collaborative effort between you and Mark McGrath. What were the creative differences that led to the split between you and McGrath for the 2013 tour?"

He responded, "I started Summerland and I asked Mark to do it as a partner. We did it and I didn't enjoy the way it went. He has a different ethos about bands than I do. He just wanted bands that have huge hits. That is what he wants to do. He doesn't care if it's alternative or whatever. He says that in interviews and that's totally cool.

"I told him last year at the end of the tour after a couple of weeks that I didn't want to do it with him. I said that I was going to do Summerland by myself. So I am doing what I want to do.

"My criteria for 2013 is that I wanted it to be more rock and that I wanted it to still be real bands who are putting out records. That was it for me. Those were the only differences."

Art has some big ambitions for lineup of the tour. Read the full interview to see some of bands he would like to take part in it - here.

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