Singled Out: Intelligent Music Project II

Today Milen Vrabevski, MD, producer of the Intelligent Music Project II - My Kind O' Lovin' (featuring Simon Phillips, Joe Williams of Toto and John Lawton of Uriah Heep), tells us about the song "Get Into Real". Here is the story:

Get Into Real (feat. Joseph Williams and Simon Phillips) - As an author and producer I am particularly fond of this piece as it carries a substantial part of the charge of this album. It echoes in track 7 (Things We Can't Do) in the final track 13 (Conclusion) and it is a natural continuance of the title song (My Kind O' Lovin').

When I invited Simon and Joseph to be a part of this next charity project of mine (My Kind O' Lovin') I wrote to them it comes from Intelligent Music. This underlines my eternal intention to focus on essential values to be the solid ground to step on to having a meaningful life.

This song triggers vivid emotions and it's a good start to feel the all-star concept of this album, to feel the synergy between strong melodies, fabulous drumming of Simon and impressive vocals of Joseph� And of course it features great lead guitar licks, to put it in strict hard rock-prog-blues terms

When we recorded the song at Simon's studio in LA I learned two things: what the meaning of full creative input is, and� that Simon makes the best British style tea! Joe did great vocals in no time, Si did perfect drumming and percussions, as always, and John Lawton added some backing vox afterwards in my studio in Sofia. Great ensemble - so suitable for sustainable messages to the audience�!

It is impossible to comprehend the meaning of life without transforming ourselves in that same energy which has created us - the energy of love. The searching for love and affection is a part of us all as it triggers the energy of attraction and the spirit of cooperation. A lot of people simply never receive love, which they are otherwise subconsciously searching for. Lack of love leads to loss of all God's blessings - sense of beauty, harmony, creativeness and compassion� But even if you have them to give meaning and joy to life� passion is to be added! Hence - to grasp the meaning and sense of life, everything should be done with joy and clear conscience that it is in the name of others�When serving others you find that serving is joy. That is why the refrain calls for striving towards something significant which also makes you shiver from happiness.

It's worth trying� In this reference the question from Middle Part comes along: isn't there a better place in your mind? I truly believe that deep down in us there is a field of unlimited possibilities, a higher mind realm. There the mysteries disappear and our mission in life clearly stands out. So get ready and be open to see things in a better way through the prism of passion in your life.

Do you copy the message of your soul? �Get Into Real�

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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