Singled Out: Seek Irony's Devil In Me

. Today Kfir Gov from the electro-modern rock band Seek Irony tells us about the song "Devil In Me" which is their first single from their debut album "Tech N' Roll". Here is the story:

"Devil in Me" is a song about addictions - whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex or a love infatuation - you name it. Every person and what the "Devil in Me" symbolizes for him/her. I decided to write it up kinda like a relationship between a man and a woman to give the addiction a life of its own in the song.

I felt it had a cooler storyline by turning the addiction into a living personality describing the addiction almost like a person with schizophrenic behaviour that has to go through a daily struggle of arguments and battles with that "Devil" inside, in order not to fall back into the addiction again and again.

I remember "Devil in Me" coming together very naturally, almost "too" naturally because usually what happens when I write songs is I come with a general idea for a melody and only then dive into writing the actual lyrics for it thus giving the song its soul. In Devil in Me's case, I remember us in the studio, writing the Electronica Drum beat plus the main guitar riff for the verse and chorus and after listening to it a few times, as we are recording it, that chorus melody just popped up in my head WITH the words "you are, you are, you are the devil in me, taking over" and right at the moment, that pretty much defined what the song was about for me. So in this Devil in Me's case, I guess it already had a soul of its own.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself hereand learn more about the band right here!

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