Singled Out: Lost Element's Twenty Five

Today Brian Barrett from Lost Element tells us about their new single "Twenty Five," which they have released as they continue work completing their forthcoming album "Stereo Dream". Here is the story:

Twenty Five started off as a completely different song than it is now. After a couple of days of messing around in the home studio, I came up with the line "I woke up at twenty five, I've been stuck here all my life".

The next week at practice I showed this idea to the other guys and I remember Omar saying "That's the line!" "I woke up at twenty five, I've been stuck here all my life". He said scratch everything else and use that. I basically went back to the drawing bored and created a new verse melody and used "I woke up at twenty five" as the chorus.

Once I got the melody structure and beat down, I sat with Omar and Trace to create guitar and bass lines. I was really digging the funky vibe that they had added so I started writing lyrics. Originally I put anti pop culture and stereotype lyrics into the verses and had the chorus speaking as almost an anthem to Generation X. I don't think anyone was overly ecstatic about the tune at this point, but we thought it was good enough to record and have in the running to make the album.

Once we tracked all the music, here in Houston, we sent the track over to our producer, Bryce Bordone, in Virginia Beach. After days of back and forth trial and error we finally got the drum tones and production that we wanted, but there was still something missing.

After a couple drunk nights in the studio, Bryce calls me up and says, "Get to your computer, I'm gonna stream you the tune!" I sat down, and to my surprise, there was this super twangy, funky, catchy, almost drunken sounding lead guitar riff. It caught me a little off guard at first, but after listening through that day, I realized that's what was missing. About a month went by and we were still in the writing/recording process of the album.

There was talk going around between Omar, Trace, our manager, and our producer that maybe this song didn't fit with the rest and it just wasn't gelling. No one could really pin point what it was, but I was getting out voted. For some reason I had a connection to this song and I kept sticking up for it. I suggested one last shot at collaborating on re-writing the verse lyrics and melody.

Bryce sent us the track without any vocals in the verse so we could write on top of it. Omar, Trace, and I sat in our practice space for what seemed like 24hrs and laid down idea after idea.

Eventually we came up with what is now the verse and knew that we had really nailed what was wrong with the song. After vibing on the new verse melody, I felt like the lyrical content needed to be less serious, more summer vibe fun, but still relatable.

After shopping our demos to different labels, management companies, and promotion companies, there was one common denominator and it was this song. Across the board people chose this song as the first single. So long story long, everything that this song went through was for a reason and shaped it into what it is now.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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