Singled Out: Steven Roth's Good Times Go So Fast

Today soulful pop rocker Steven Roth tells us about his new single "Good Times Go So Fast". Steven has previously opened shows for The Who, Audioslave, Robert Plant, Dave Grohl and Elvis Costello, among others. Here is the song story:

"I had recently reconnected with an old musician friend, Cooper, and we talked about getting together to try and write a tune. So there we were a few days later, writing together for the first time. It was a sweltering L.A. August afternoon, and the AC was busted in his apartment. "We better get started," I said.

"Good Times Go So Fast" started with a vocal melody over some piano chord changes I had swimming around my head around for a few days. Lacking any true inspiration for lyrical content, I somehow pulled the first line out thin air, really, and we were off to the races. Sometimes you just need a spark.

The verses sort of center around what ends up being a fleeting relationship between two people, but we thought it would be cool to give the chorus a more vague, yet relatable theme. We wanted to touch on how important it is to get the most out of this life, because you really never know what's waiting around the bend, and things can change quickly. Luckily, I think we hit where we were aiming. That emotion really hit home for both of us, and we managed to find a way to distill that down to the right words that also fit the melody. And wahh-bam! A tune was born.

Cooper and have since written twenty-some-odd songs, many of which I am proud. It just so happens that our first tune ended up being the single for my upcoming EP.

Sometimes all you need is a spark."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about Steven right here!

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