Buckethead Explains His Paul Gilbert Connection


(Gibson) If you search for the terms Buckethead and Paul Gilbert online, one of the first results that pops up is the question: "Is Buckethead Paul Gilbert?" There are even online videos that compare their almost eerily identical playing styles. As it turns out, there's a much simpler explanation. In a recent interview with the Coming Alive podcast, Buckethead revealed that yes, Gilbert was a major influence and he also gave him lessons.

In Buckethead's words: "I love Paul Gilbert. The first time I saw him play was at the NAMM show - this is the one memory that I always go to - he was at the NAMM show in a booth and he was playing...it was insane! He was just ripping... he had so much control."

The memory would a defining moment in Buckethead's journey as a guitar player. As he puts it, "The best way to plant a seed or inspire somebody is by flowing in front of them... to this day, it's still the most intense memory I have of anyone playing that makes me want to rip. I wish I had a video of [it]...And the crazy thing was that I got to know him and he taught me. I still have every lesson he gave me, and he really gave me a belief in myself that I needed because I wasn't around a lot of that." here.

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