Worldwide Panic Streaming New Song 'Never Go Back'

Worldwide Panic

Worldwide Panic are streaming a lyric video for their brand new single "Never Go Back," which was co-produced and co-written by Tommy Gibbons of Flaw.

Gibbons had this to say, "The foundation of Worldwide Panic's sound was already there I just wanted to add my own twist to it. So I spoke to Lane on tour about writing a song together and soon after the tour ended I wrote the music for what now became their new single, Never Go Back".

"Watching them on tour with us was a real treat. Good, solid and raw rock/metal. They were something I felt that has been missing from the genre for quite sometime."

Lane Steele added, "Working with Tommy was a first for us in the band. I am the main songwriter and I never collaborated with an outside party on our music before. When the tour ended Tommy sent me clips of riffs, et cetera and then sent the demo track to the song. I was absolutely floored. I felt It was something that I could have never done song structure and riff-writing wise.

"I stayed up that night and recorded a good chunk of the vocals at my home and then we, as a band, traveled to Arizona to put the finishing touches at Tommy's studio. It came out to 92 vocal tracks! It pushed me to deliver a hook that I never knew I was capable of.

"During our tour with Mushroomhead every night we test drove this song out. As a song that no one had heard before the crowd sang it back to us, with crowds over 1000 people some nights, every time we played it. So enjoy Never Go Back." Watch the video here

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