AC/DC Drummer Was Shocked When Band Brought In Axl Rose

Michael Angulia | 07-02-2020

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AC/DC drummer Chris Slade says that he was shocked when they recruited Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose to help them finish their last tour after lead vocalist Brian Johnson was forced to drop off the trek.

Johnson was warned that if he continued to perform on the Rock Or Bust World tour that he risked permanent hearing loss. Eager to meet their commitments, the band brought in Rose to sing on the remaining dates.

Drummer Chris Slade was asked about the experience in a recent interview with Sonic Perspectives. He said, "I think Brian was doing the best he possibly could do. I could hear him so well, because I was using in-ear monitors. He didn't sound anything like he thought he sounded. But, of course, he felt really bad that he couldn't do what he considered his best. I was shocked when he was no longer around.

"I was even more shocked when they said they were trying out Axl Rose. I was, like, 'What?' because I heard all the stories. Turns out he was the nicest guy, and when he started singing, I didn't realize that he had that voice.

"He was phenomenal and could cover all the eras. He was never late for anything, as AC/DC goes by the second, not the minute, when they start a show.

"Only once did they not start a show on time in 45 years, and I happened to be in the band. It was due to an issue with Angus's guitar not being set up properly. As far as they were concerned, they have never been late on stage." Read the full interview here.

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