AC/DC Not Interested In Covid Restricted Concerts

Michael Angulia | 10-08-2020

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AC/DC Not Interested In Covid Restricted Concerts

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young shared the band has no interest in staging virtual or scaled down shows in leu of real concerts in front of fans to promote their forthcoming album "Power Up".

Angus and frontman Brian Johnson spoke to Radio.com for the premiere of their new single "Shot In The Dark" and host Ryan Castle asked, "I see these 25% capacity shows, or virtual shows, or people playing at drive-ins. Does any of that stuff interest you guys? Or would you rather just wait until you can go out and put 15-20,000 people in a big arena?"

Young responded, "I think when you've had that excitement, if you had to kind of go and make-do, like you said, a lot of space, I don't think it would have the same vibe. Because, really, when we've done shows, that was always the thing..."

Angus went on to share his hopes for the pandemic to be over. He said, "hopefully you know, they come up with something quick that helps us get back to normal."

Young also explained that the lockdown delayed the release of the album. "First everyone thought we would be locked down for a couple of weeks. Then a couple of weeks became a couple of months and it seemed to get longer. Originally we were hoping to get it out sooner." Stream the full inteview here.

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