: C.C. rejoins Poison

2-14-00 3:35 PM PST antiGUY
C.C. Deville has once more passed through the revolving door that is Poison. It didn't take long for C.C. DeVille to come to his senses and reconcile with his band mates. He confirmed he had returned during a  interview last Saturday on WDHA Radio in New Jersey.  Fans calling him a prima donna and the reality that with Poison he would play for large crowds, while his new band still has to pay its dues building a following, made C.C. decide to kiss and make up with Brett and rejoin the Poison.

Back track two weeks. C.C. left Poison claiming that Brett Michael's was blocking his attempts to have his side project Samantha 7 open the forth-coming Poison tour. Michael's on the other hand stating that C.C. had been using Poison to promote Samantha 7 and had not been contributing to writing new material. 

Tracii Guns quickly stepped in to fill C.C.'s shoes. But appears that his services will not be needed. Tracii has been writing new music with Brett Michaels for inclusion on the next Poison album.  He will have his hands full as it is, L.A. Guns will be touring this spring starting next month. The Poison tour with Cinderella, Dokken, and Slaughter will kick off in June.  Will Samantha 7 be on the bill? Who knows, but they do have a album coming out on Sony Records May 2nd.