Britney and Aguilara Top the anti Awards

7-26-00 12:00 AM PST antiGUY
Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara were the clear losers in the 1st Annual antiAwards presented by antiMUSIC's sister site antiTainment.com. 

The antiAwards are antiTainment's answer to the big awards shows like the Grammy's, Oscars and Emmy's. Various antiAwards were given in the Film, Television, and Music categories. Unlike other award programs where awards are given to recognize excellence, the antiAwards are just the opposite. 

The biggest losers in Music were Christina Aguilara and Britney Spears each with three antiAwards. Aguilara was named the Worst New Artist and also lost the Better Seen than Heard Award. Spears fared no better, her three antiAwards included the Most Controversial Breast and Pedophile Pop Artist of the Year. 

Other music awards included the Stupidest Crime by a Rap Star, The Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Award, The Cheesiest Group of the Year, Sexual Rumor of the Year, The Al and Tipper Gore Censorship Award and the Fan Appreciation Award among others. 

Television antiAwards included: The O.J. Simpson journalistic overkill award, The worst s****com of the year, Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Ass on your way out award, The most annoying commercials, The dumber than dirt award, You know your a loser if you watch this talk show Award, The Most Likely to be hosting infomercials in 10 years award, The Fox Award (How to take a great show and screw it up) plus more. 

The Film Category was by far the smallest with only 15 losers in all. Awards were given for Most Annoying Character, The Most Politically Correct Film of the Year, The Was the Writer on Crack Award?, Direct to the Eject Button, The Waste of Film Award and more. 

Each section also includes a section for fans to give their own awards. Some of the fan antiAwards include the following: 


The biggest hype to Star Wars Episode 1
What The Hell Does That Little Girl Have To With Anything In The Movie to The little girl in Eye of the Beholder


The award for most likely child actor to grow up, smoke crack, shoot up heroine and go broke to the pepsi girl
The Award for It May Have Worked on HBO, But on Network TV it Sucks Pipe to Action
Ugliest bitch on television whose nose is so ugly that they can harness the nose to other planets to Barbra Streisand
Most Fake TV Show with 20 year old actors playing teens to Popular


Award for Our Records Won't Sell... Hey! Let's Sue Someone! to Metallica
Award for sour grapes to Metallihaters
Award for newest quote to Napster, GOOD! Dope, Better!
Award for "Give it up, guys... it's just not the same" to The Other Ones (a.k.a. The Greatful Dead, minus Jerry Garcia)

You can log on to antiTainment.com to see all the losers and give your own awards by clicking here.