N Sync�s sales drop 75% in one week. 

8-13-01 antiGUY

After making an impressive debut on the Billboard charts last week with sales of 1.88 million copies of their latest offering �Celebrity�, �N Sync lost their momentum this week with sales of 460,000 units, a 75% drop. According to Billboard magazine this is the largest second week sales decline recorded since SoundScan sales tracking was implemented in the early 90�s. 

To add insult to injury, N Sync was bumped off of the top of the Billboard 200 by the seventh installment of �NOW! That�s What I Call Music�.  The pop hits compilation debuted on the charts with first week sales of 621,000 units. Two previous installments of �Now!� also debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Back in April. Vol. 6 topped the charts with first week sales of 525,000 units and Vol. 4 entered the charts at No. 1 last July. 

While N Sync has sold 2.3 million copies of �Celebrity� in just two weeks, this is a sharp decline from their sales of just a year ago. On March 21, 2000 �N Sync�s previous album �No Strings Attached� sold a record million copies it�s first day of release. That album�s first week sales came in at 2.4 million units. 

While the era of boybands is not yet over, it appears that it�s on the decline. 

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