Album Watch: Powerman 5000, No Doubt & Smashing Pumpkins 

8-15-01 antiGUY

Powerman 5000�s new album �Anyone for Doomsday?� was set to be released on August 28th, but things have changed.  Fans anticipating this third release will be disappointed to learn that the band will not be releasing the album as planned. The band is returning to the studio to record new tracks for the album with a possible release date by the end of the year or early 2002. 

Spider One had this to say in a press release: 
�As we were finishing the mix of the album, we started to write more songs, and it soon became clear that these new songs belonged on the record, but we were no longer in the recording phase. We should have put the brakes on the project at the time, so we could have gone back to record the newer material, but because of the release schedule & the upcoming tour looming over our heads, we felt pressured to deliver Anyone For Doomsday? on the deadline. Now I realize that deadlines are for lawyers & accountants, not rock bands! Although doing this is a risky move, we feel it's worth it. 

  �It's really very simple: we want to give the fans the greatest Powerman record possible, and we almost settled for 80% great. In the end you have to go with your gut instincts and I'm proud to say that after all these years PM5K is still about the music and not the dollars (trust me, stopping the release of the record was not a cheap solution!). �

PM5k has also cancelled their planned tour with Machine Head. 

No Doubt will be releasing the follow up to �Return of Saturn� on December 18th. The new album is titled �Rock Steady� and will features songs �Hey Baby�, �Rock Steady�, �Hella Good�, �Making Out� and �Detective�. 

Members of the band are already hyping the record. "This record will change the face of pop music forever, kind of like Star Wars," says bass player Tony Kanal on the band�s official website. 

Guitarist Tom Dumont tells online fans, "This is going to be the most adventurous and eclectic No Doubt album yet.�

Smashing Pumpkins are putting together the track listing for their forthcoming Greatest Hits package.  The new compilation has been dubbed �Judas O Riley�, tying it in as the follow-up to the band�s 1994 b-sides release, �Pisces Iscariot�. 

The new collection will be a double disc set featuring not only the band�s greatest hits but a collection of b-sides as well as unreleased photos. Also on the slate for release is a new DVD that will feature a documentary and the Smashing Pumpkins music video library. 

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