Weezer bass player enters a psychiatric hospital. 

8-16-01 antiGUY

According to the official Weezer website, bass player Mikey Welsh has checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. Weezer has been auditioning bass players to fill Welsh�s shoes on their upcoming tour. There are also reports that Welsh missed the video shoot for Weezer�s next single, �Island In the Sun�.

Below is the statement Posted on the official Weezer website. 

��We have learned that Mikey has checked into a psychiactric hospital, we think in his hometown of Boston. However, we unfortunately still dont know whats wrong with him, and continue to find it very difficult to find out any more from those who might know. We wish him the very best and we hope he comes back soon. But in the meantime, due to the circumstances at hand with the upcoming tours and such, we are indeed hastily scheduling try-outs for a replacement player for the upcoming gigs, JUST IN CASE Mikey isn't able to return.� 

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