Courtney Love sues Nirvana and Geffen Records

10-4-01 antiGUY

Courtney Love filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court last week (September 28th) against Nirvana LLC, a company owned by Love, her child and former Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl, as well as Geffen Records and Universal Music Group. Grohl and Novoselic are also directly named in the suit. 
In the suit, Love is asking the court to declare the recording contract between Nirvana and Geffen Records void and that she be awarded all rights to Nirvana.  She is also seeking damages for breach of contract. 

Sorting through the legalize it appears that Love claims that Geffen improperly assigned the Nirvana contract to Universal Music Group without her consent. She is seeking to stop the release of the planned Nirvana boxset by UMG. Love also claims the UMG has failed to pay out over $3.1 Million in royalties.

The bottom line is Love is looking for the court to validate her claim that the contract was rescinded and for the court to award her the rights to all Nirvana master recordings and videos as well as monetary restitution to be determined by the court.   

Love also filed a lawsuit last June seeking to dissolve Nirvana LLC. This lawsuit is part of the reason that the planned release of the Nirvana boxset has been put on hold. 

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