Lollapalooza 2002 A Non-Starter

04-15-02 antiGUY

If you have been waiting for an announcement for Lollapalooza 2002, we have bad news for you; it isn�t coming. 

Last year Perry Farrell got fans hopes up when he announced that Lollapalooza would return in 2002, now he says that it isn�t going to happen this year. 

The famed alternative music festival was fist started by Farrell in 1991 and became a popular North American music tour each summer unit 1997 when the last Lollapalooza featuring Tool, Korn, Snoop Dogg and Tricky took place. (note: Farrell was not involved with that last tour.)  

Perry Farrell is once more in charge of the tour and hopes to relaunch it in 2003. Farrell issued a statement last week announcing that the tour would not be happening this year due to logistical concerns of getting the right package of artists on board for the tour.

"Having gotten a late start, we felt it would be smart to start building now for summer 2003," Farrell said in his statement. "It will afford us a chance to get the headliner we really want."

So there you have, Lollapalooza 2002 will no happen but you can begin hoping for Lollapalooza 2003. 

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